Hawaiian + Basque Fresh Bowls

We are Poketxu, a new wave of restoration born in the center of Bilbao to eat the world.

Inspired by the poke. A Hawaiian specialty, healthy and versatile, with a high nutritional value and served in a bowl.

A dish reinterpreted, sometimes, in a 100% original way and, in others, mixed with touches and ideas of traditional Basque cuisine to surprise and conquer everyone.

We are pure boldness. A sincere commitment to quality, design and innovation in the world of gastronomy

From the beginning embodied in our pokes and also in our entire menu.

Sandwiches and signature salads, original and made with local and quality products.

Juices of natural colors and 100% cold pressed in house.

Energy breakfasts in superbowl format to start the day with a smile.

And 100% Bilbao cakes, craft beers from the country, amazing wines, mineral water committed to the planet…

Everything to take away or to enjoy with whoever you want in a unique space.

We are poke + bar. A perfect combination to surprise your palate at any time, from breakfast to dinner.

And also to ask for the usual at the bar or at the tables of a totally different place.

And we are also open to be what you need. Because the characteristics of our any event, celebration or idea around a good table that comes to mind.

Come, enter, climb, pass, call, stay, choose, ask, take, carry, catch, test, resere, smile and repeat.

See you in Poketxu!



  • Dirección C/ Gregorio de la Revilla 25 - Plaza Indautxu
    (inside PANGEA The Travel Store).
    48010 – Bilbao