Where is Residence? Everybody asks this question…. It’s on a teeny little street that joins Heros with the Alameda Rekalde; it’s the place with little lamps outside that stay on when it’s open…

It could be that it takes a while to find it, for sure, but if you do find it, it will take you even longer to leave…there is something about “The Resi” that grabs you and holds on.

It could be their wide selection of whiskeys and gins, their delicious gin and tonics or the enveloping live music. Or everything at once.

They offer live, unplugged music (with their now typical Wednesday Sessions), and has become the temple of Folk in Bilbao.

At the Residence , it’s clear that music is more than just a part of the atmosphere: their careful selection of jazz, folk and lounge for mellow hours; r&b, classic rock and funk at night can be the perfect company.

Whisky Ardberg’s home and the image of Hendrick’s, the two house girls, if you are a beer man and you love good beer, this is your place. But remember: “this is a most unusual bar, not for everyone.”

  • Dirección Barrainkua, 1, esquina Heros
    48009 Bilbao