PERITA, the prawn bar


PERITA, the prawn bar.

It is in the heart of Bilbao, on Diputación Street, but it is like a trip to a southern tavern.

A prawn bar, with decoration, atmosphere and southern flavors.

You will enjoy prawns of different types: white prawn from Huelva, red prawn, Mediterranean prawn, etc.

Prepared in the way you like and accompanied by a good wine is guaranteed plan.

To top it off Well-thrown beer, good music and a magnificent terrace.

And it is also open every day.

From Inaz Fernández, creator of El Puertito, Bilbao’s first oyster bar, now PERITA, the prawn bar arrives.

As the people of Malaga say…”¡Qué plan más perita!”


  • Persona Inaz Fernández
  • Dirección Diputación, 1
    48009 Bilbao