Country estates

ENEKO WEP - Gastronomy Bilbao

ENEKO WEP Weddings, Events & Parties We give you three reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable. 1- The gastronomy…

AbOIZ - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

ABOIZ RESTAURANT Traditional Basque cuisine with a touch of elegance Aboiz is located in the centre of the small town…

Garena - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Garena New Culinary Traditions In the picturesque wooded hills of Bizkaia nestles Garena, a Basque “caserío” farmhouse, surrounded by the…

Palacio de Ubieta - Country estates Bilbao
Country estates

The Ubieta Palace is a neoclassic building from 1829, a clear example of the Basque palaces. It has been refurbished…

Palacio de Ubieta
Etxelaia - Event Halls Bilbao
Event Halls

ETXELAIA A unique house in a surprising place Etxelaia is a new and exclusive offer of accommodation and events. To…