Petit Komité


Petit Komite is an intimate, discreet, and exclusive restaurant, somewhat hidden within what still remains of traditional bucolic Galdakao, a maze of forests and meadows of dazzling green punctuated here and there by old chapels and sturdy farmhouses.

You can find Petit Komite hidden between the thick walls of “Iraragorri Etxea,” a hamlet whose origins date back to the Fifteenth Century and whose powerful structure is still maintained by oak beams and pillars.

Within this universe of history and atmosphere of intimate sobriety, perfect for business meetings, romantic escapes, or gatherings with friends, Petit Komite’s eight exclusive tables are arranged.

You can also stay the night and enjoy the calm and tranquility of this unique setting at the Hotel Iraragorrie-etxea. Named for the legendary player from Athletic Bilbao, Jose Iraragorri, his family endeavors to honor his memory through the Hotel and Petit Komite Restaurant.

  • Dirección Txomin Egileor 28, Galdácano