Coppola (non stop kitchen)


Coppola and Solomonk (non stop kitchen)

If you like quality Italian artisan food, both Coppola and Solomonk are a success.

They are next to each other, at numbers 4 and 6 of Barraincua street.

And any day of the week you’ll find them open, because they never rest at the same time, so you can enjoy your non-stop kitchen.



This small and cozy Italian restaurant, located in the heart of Bilbao, is already a classic of the Villa.

They serve quality artisanal food, with traditional elaboration and avant-garde touches. Italian delicacies such as risottos, fresh pastas, carpaccios, lasagnas, more than 50 different pizzas (all at € 13.50) and their magnificent homemade desserts.

The kitchen is open all day and there are usually concerts on Sunday afternoons.

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In 2019, Solomonk was born. It is a larger space and perhaps a little more elegant than Coppola.

The Menu includes a wide variety of different proposals… and surprises out of the menu.

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  • Dirección Barraincúa, 6
    48009 Bilbao