Traditional Basque cuisine with a touch of elegance

Half an hour from Central Bilbao, at Garai on the town´s doorstep, in the province of Biscay, AbOIZ was born out of an entrepreneurial spirit of Iratxe Azpitarte, the restaurateur, and Dani García, head chef of a great team.

As a young entrepreneur with long experience in hospitality industry, Iratxe, together with her spouse´s support to continue pursuing her dream of bringing a family´s long-standing restaurant back to life in July 2014.  Succeeding renovation of  ” caserío Arroitabeiti ” family-owned farmhouse, emerged into an ineffable blend of nature, architecture and artistic ingenuity.

AbOIZ´s picturesque garden with a splendid view, offers a serene atmosphere for private events.

AbOIZ offers the perfect backdrop for private parties and corporate events with its facilities.

No matter the season, the combination of outdoor and indoor space gives the flexibility to plan different events or activities.

Overseen by head Chef Dani Garcia, well-recognized in the culinary industry and his participation in the final of the “Best Chef of the Year” award in 2018 , to make your hospitality day seamless with skilled team of chefs and staffing.


  • Dirección Caserio Arroitabeiti
    Barrio San Miguel, 2
    48200 Garai, Bizkaia