It is more than a workshop in Bilbao

Misschocole is a space full of creativity that opens its arms to any chocolate lover wishing to try unique chocolates, original flavors or those who want to put their hands in the dough and enjoy creating their own chocolates.

My name is Leire Eguilondo and I have trained at the Superior School of Hospitality of Artxanda, at the Basque Culinary Center and I have done specialization courses at the Confectionery La Gloria de Andrés Mármol, the Confectionery Pastisseria Ala-Dor or the Don Manuel Pastry Shop among others.

 I have been in the world of cooking since 2012 and my goal with Misschocole is to introduce a new way to enjoy chocolate, in an affordable and accessible way to all sweet lovers in Bilbao.

We promise

In Misschocole we are faithful to our principles, those that lead us to want to improve every day and that our clients leave our house with a smile. That is why this is our promise to you, if you trust us and join the #experienciamisschocole you can:

 SEE we show you the whole process, without secrets, come to our workshop, we are 100% transparent.

 SMELL we work with high quality chocolates that will delight not only your taste but also your smell.

 TOUCH want to try to do it yourself? sign up for one of our monographic courses and put your hands in the dough.

 TASTE whether it’s the chocolate you made yourself or the one we’ve prepared for you, we want you to enjoy unique flavors.


We know the complicated everyday life of hoteliers, hoteliers and event organizers, that’s why we want to make your life easier.

 With our door-to-door catering service we offer you a wide variety of cakes, chocolates and cakes so that your place or event always has a sweet with which to gladden your diners.

Sweet tables

Imagine… That event you have been planning for so long, culminating in a large sweet table full of small details that surprise and delight your guests.

 Wouldn’t be fantastic? In Misschocole we help you so that great day you only have to worry about enjoying with your guests, we take care of the rest:

 Decoration: Flowers, boxes, balloons, tablecloths…

Assembly and disassembly.

 In addition to children’s tables, sweets are included.

Choose between the different options.


Let us help you. We want to get together, meet you and your business.

 We offer you 2 options:

 We analyze your needs, design desserts and teach you how to execute them so that they always come out perfect.

 We analyze your situation, design your desserts and let you do freely, without pressure.

 Birthdays’ parties

Do you have at home a little chocolate lover who turns years soon?

What if we propose a different experience for your children’s birthday party?

Together we will put our hands in the dough and elaborate: Lollipops, Dolls, Cake pops… AND MUCH MORE…!


Attentive to the next courses we will take in Misschocole You will be surprised!


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