After more than 50 years at their coastal location in Lekeitio, Amaia Zapirain and Jesus Mari Loitegi have opened Zapirain in Bilbao, maintaining the same culinary philosophy: cuisine that is based in traditional, home cooking made from fresh, quality ingredients and love.

You will find the foundation of their kitchen in the ingredients they use: the highest quality fish and seafood. Their specialty is a fish soup, along with their homemade foie gras, grilled clams, crab, langoustine, lobster, shrimp, turbot, sea bream, hake, sea bass, grouper, sole, monkfish, t-bone steak, rice cakes of the house, cheese, apples…

Right in the center of Bilbao, Zapirain is a spacious, illuminated, warm and inviting place for fans of traditional Basque cooking and those who love prime quality ingredients along with an excellent wine cellar.

  • Dirección Juan de Ajuriaguerra 22
    48009 Bilbao