Breakfasts, Brunches, Meals, Snacks and Dinners, in the center of Bilbao.

5 ‘walk from the Guggenheim, opposite the Iberdrola Tower.

Enjoy all day of this charming place, or your terrace.

From early in the morning …

Smoothies Natural juices instantly. With all the properties of the fruit.

Special coffees made with coffees “Gosoa” the only roasted coffee In Bilbao (5 km from here, and it shows).

Vegan breakfasts To start the day loaded with healthy energy.

Variety of sandwiches With bread and quality ingredients.

Sweet cakes, cupcakes …

Delicious focaccias at any time.

Special shakes and full of fantasy.

Fresh Salads With Kilometer 0 products that cook every day for you.

Different Rices Like Vegan Rice, simply delicious, with legumes, vegetables, organic cherry tomatoes and nuts, an explosion for our senses.


  • Dirección Centro Comercial Zubiarte
    Puente de Deusto
    48011 Bilbao