The Northern Ceviche Spot

Chefs Jefferson Lopez and Ivan Quintero created their own ceviche spot, Cevitxef Guatemala, in 2014.

In 2018 they decided to bring that project to Bilbao’s center, next to the Alhóndiga. The result is absolutely amazing, and to reserve a table you must be quick!

The ceviche is a delicious, traditional Peruvian recipe with a fish or seafood base, marinated in a citrus dressing. Ceviche has lately become one of the most popular dishes in fashionable restaurants all over the world, and the ceviche at Cevitxef is a fantastic example of ceviche perfection.

A blend of Peruvian and Venezuelan flavors await you at Cevitxef. With a spectacular décor, neon lights, dark colors, and old school tattoo graphics. And, most importantly, healthy, intriguing, exotic, fresh and delicious dishes.

Of course you will find a variety of ceviches (prawn, tuna, octopus…) dressed to taste with marinades of rocoto pepper, ajì, Nikkei, olive, or the classic “leche de tigre” or tiger’s milk.

They also offer delicacies like noodles with prawns or crispy rice (have a pisco sour prepared by Ivan and you’ll nail it!).

They also offer chef’s plates such as zamburiñas (clams) with parmesan or Fine de Claire oysters, prepared as if they were ceviche.

  • Persona Iván Quintero
  • Dirección Alameda Rekalde, 53.
    48010 Bilbao