Tipula Burger


Tipula Burger

Burger Restaurants in Bilbao and Getxo

After 10 years living in Los Angeles, the owners come back and decide to open a new restaurant that will amaze you. Neon lights, graffiti from the artist house_tly decorate their walls, underground music… Get ready to visit the american style downtown.

Intense flavours

In Tipula their specialty are the burgers, of an incredible quality and made with total homemade product. The most famous one is the Habibi Burger, with an arabic touch and lamb meat. Spectacular.

In their menu, which will change soon and add more dishes, Tipula offers various options of sandwiches, small dishes and desserts.

Expect intense flavours and unusual mixes.


  • Dirección Barrenkale Barrena 6
    Casco Viejo. Bilbao
    94 471 52 32

    Calle Ledesma 22
    944 31 73 17

    Orobio Kalea 2
    944 71 89 36