La Viña del Ensanche


Bautistia Gonzalez founded The Ensanche Vineyard in 1927. In 1980, his son, Jose Ramon, took the reigns of the family business. Monica, Elena and Juan Bautistia, the family’s third generation, continue the family spirit and maintain the family’s drive in offering the very best service and the best, carefully selected products.

During the past 85 years, La Viña‘s face has changed, but not its soul. The Iberian ham, cured with acorns, is Joselito’s house specialty, whose flavor and quality continue to this day. In 1946, Bautista de-boned 15 hams a day. In 1950 patrons enjoyed 100 hams a week, with a record of 72 hams in one day, December 24, 1958. Those 72 hams were sliced with the Berkel hand-crank slicer.

Many features of that time are still a part of the business today: the bar, made from the wood of a single tree in Elondo; the tables, benches and stools from the ‘50’s, whose marble tops are the very same where ham was enjoyed in the ‘30’s.