Kokken restaurant


Kokken Restaurant

After much time and effort Kokken restaurant turned the dream into reality bringing together people who care about cuisine, design and art and make it a unique space. The design made of natural wood as well outside and inside is looking for a mix of Nordic elegance and comfort that invites everyone to come inside.

Kokken restaurant located nearby the city council of Bilbao and just a few minutes walk from the old quarter offers relatvely simple cuisine but using sophisticated techniques in its preparation.

It´s a different proposal which combines haute cuisine and the best quality ingredients selected from the local environment.

The menu is changing every 10-15 days and offers tasting menus of 5, 7 and 9 dishes as well there is an offer of vegan menu.

The non stop kitchen open for you all day long.

  • Dirección Quintana Street 3
    48007 Bilbao