La Bodega de Ola


La Bodega de Ola

Fancy a very gastronomic dinner in the heart of  Bilbao´s old town?

Haute cuisine at the service of signature wines pays homage to the fundamentals of Basque gastronomy with cutting-edge international influences, a new culinary concept overseen by the highly regarded chef Martín Berasategui.

Traditional flavors with a touch of innovation in each of his dishes, designed to be tasted by at minimum 2 persons, as well as special off-menu proposals dictated by the market produce.

With particular care brought towards food and wine pairings.

Signature tasting menu of nine courses for £70 with pairing options.

In addition, La Bodega de Ola´s service throughout the day offers wines and signature drinks to enjoy a pleasant time with friends.


  • Dirección Ribera Street, 13.
    48005 Bilbao.