Aitor Teneria photographer - photo and video Bilbao
photo and video

Aitor Tenería   Aitor Teneria. Wedding photographer and Personal Portraits My name is Aitor Teneria and I am a wedding…

Aitor Teneria photographer
ENEKO WEP - Gastronomy Bilbao

ENEKO WEP Weddings, Events & Parties We give you three reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable. 1- The gastronomy…

Garena - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Garena New Culinary Traditions In the picturesque wooded hills of Bizkaia nestles Garena, a Basque “caserío” farmhouse, surrounded by the…

Aspaldiko - Basque & Traditional Cuisine Bilbao
Basque & Traditional Cuisine

Aspaldiko Restaurant The Aspaldiko restaurant follows a philosophy in which history and culture mix up with gastronomy, searching for a…

El Puertito - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

El Puertito – Oyster Bar the first oyster bar in Bilbao! Now celebrating their fifth anniversary, The Puertito – the…

El Puertito
La Ribera - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

La Ribera Gastronomy, music and culture for all ages, in the historic market of La ribera. Located in the old…

La Ribera
Jairom Black - Music Bilbao

JAIROM BLACK Your music, your moments Live Music, ambience and event production The best musical decision for your meeting, parties…

Jairom Black
Restaurante Yandiola - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Yandiola Restaurant The menú of the Yandiola Restaurant, located in the priviledged and famous cultural centre AzkunaZentroa (La Alhóndiga). Joins…

Restaurante Yandiola
Berroja Winery - Event Halls Bilbao
Event Halls

Berroja Winery If you are lover of wine and nature, this is your winery, because Berroja Winery is a Privilege…

Berroja Winery
Maribel Dilló - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

Maribel Dilló Maribel Dilló She has spent her life designing and creating for the loyal clients of her brand Dilló.…

Maribel Dilló
Mind Shakers - Gastronomy Bilbao

What is Mind Shakers?  Mind Shakers is a company specialised in cocktails and combined cocktails that offers to bring all the…

Mind Shakers
Ercilla Hotel - Bilbao Hotels Bilbao
Bilbao Hotels

Hotel Ercilla 4 Star Hotel in the center of the city First opened in 1972 Ercilla established quickly as a…

Ercilla Hotel
Exquisuits by de Juana - Fashion Bilbao

Exquisuits by de Juana Maximum quality for your groom´s suits, lines of large trend, cloth with impact, specialize in the…

Exquisuits by de Juana
Gerardo - Fashion Bilbao

GERARDO Your men’s clothing store in Bilbao. GERARDO is an emblematic commercial establishment located in the heart of Bilbao, which…

FC Joyeros - Jewels Bilbao

Once upon a time,several thousands of years ago, there were some human beings who began to produce primitive weapons in…

FC Joyeros
Joyerías Eguzkilore - Jewels Bilbao

Eguzkilore The Eguzkilore business was created in 2007 by the Zuluaga jewelers, whose trajectory of more than 50 years in…

Joyerías Eguzkilore
MATIA Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Bilbao and her people evolve. Here, one breathes an air of pride that is the result of this eagerness to…

MATIA Jewelry
Suárez Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Suárez Jewelry Suárez is a family-owned company with a prestigious brand that is well-known in the luxury sector. They design,…

Suárez Jewelry
Martina de Zuricalday - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Martina de Zuricalday opened her first workshop in 1830 on Ronda Street in Old Town Bilbao. Almost two hundred years…

Martina de Zuricalday
Something Special - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

If you are looking for something special, come to the city’s bohemian district, Bilbao La Vieja, and you will find…

Something Special
Ruiz de Ocenda - Flowers Bilbao

Ruiz de Ocenda is the result of a project that began in 1995 and has always been a constant evolution:…

Ruiz de Ocenda
Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao - Bilbao Hotels Bilbao
Bilbao Hotels

The Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao is the only 5-Star hotel in front of the Guggenheim Museum and close to all…

Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao
Hotel Carlton - Bilbao Hotels Bilbao
Bilbao Hotels

The Hotel Carlton is the most emblematic and luxurious establishment in Bilbao. Covering six floors, with 142 spacious rooms of…

Hotel Carlton
Alicia Rueda Atelier - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

A custom-made wedding dress is something so unique and personal that it truly only fits one woman. The creation and…

Alicia Rueda Atelier
OSK Sastre - Fashion Bilbao

Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was…

OSK Sastre
Sastrería Cardenal - Fashion Bilbao

Sastrería Cardenal Founded in 1894 and run by the same family during 4 generations, the Sastrería Cardenal occupies a very…

Sastrería Cardenal
Pilar Herrero - wedding planers Bilbao
wedding planers

Pilar Herrero is an arquitect and Wedding & Event Planner. She is in charge of the design, organisation and coordination…

Pilar Herrero
Azul Marino viajes - Travel Bilbao

Azul Marino Viajes is a place where dreams come true: an agency in Bilbao which is ready to travel to…

Azul Marino viajes
Palacio de Ubieta - Country estates Bilbao
Country estates

The Ubieta Palace is a neoclassic building from 1829, a clear example of the Basque palaces. It has been refurbished…

Palacio de Ubieta
Petit Komité - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Petit Komite is an intimate, discreet, and exclusive restaurant, somewhat hidden within what still remains of traditional bucolic Galdakao, a…

Petit Komité
Iruña Catering - Home Delivery & Take Away Bilbao
Home Delivery & Take Away

Generating positive emotions This is Iruña Catering´s mission: to generate postive emotions for their clients through every form of quality…

Iruña Catering
BLB48 - Communication & Events Bilbao
Communication & Events

BLB48 Your Agency for Communication & Events in Bilbao At the head of BLB48 are Sofía Mugarza and Naroa Sampedro,…

Marketing for Lemons - Communication & Events Bilbao
Communication & Events

Not one, not even two, but three wedding planners!! Inés, Tania aren’t your conventional wedding planners: their training in event…

Marketing for Lemons
Jardín de Barretaguren - Country estates Bilbao
Country estates

Jardín de Barretaguren is an incredible private property available to rent for all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, corporate dinners… The garden…

Jardín de Barretaguren
Olagorta - Country estates Bilbao
Country estates

OLAGORTA—an enchanted place and a journey through history—a small village where Aita Barandiaran found the remains of a pre-historic civilization,…

White Lover Atelier - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

Rigth in the city centre, in Bilbao’s emblematic building, renowned monument , La Casa Lezama Leguizamón, located in Gran Vía…

White Lover Atelier
Viajes NUBA - Travel Bilbao

NUBA Trips Their essence: NUBA is a company which designs personalized and private trips, for companies and individuals, with 20…

Viajes NUBA
ATLANTIS Travel Agency - Travel Bilbao

ATLANTIS Travel Agency At ATLANTIS you’ll find more than just vacations! We offer organized trips, exclusive and personalized all over…

ATLANTIS Travel Agency
Byblostours - Travel Bilbao

If you have traveled with us you already know us and if you have not yet had opportunity, we are…

Etxelaia - Event Halls Bilbao
Event Halls

ETXELAIA A unique house in a surprising place Etxelaia is a new and exclusive offer of accommodation and events. To…