ENEKO WEP - Gastronomy Bilbao

ENEKO WEP Weddings, Events & Parties We give you three reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable. 1- The gastronomy…

AbOIZ - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

ABOIZ RESTAURANT Traditional Basque cuisine with a touch of elegance Aboiz is located in the centre of the small town…

Garena - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Garena New Culinary Traditions In the picturesque wooded hills of Bizkaia nestles Garena, a Basque “caserío” farmhouse, surrounded by the…

Aspaldiko - Basque & Traditional Cuisine Bilbao
Basque & Traditional Cuisine

Aspaldiko Restaurant The Aspaldiko restaurant follows a philosophy in which history and culture mix up with gastronomy, searching for a…

El Puertito - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

El Puertito – Oyster Bar the first oyster bar in Bilbao! Now celebrating their fifth anniversary, The Puertito – the…

El Puertito
Exquisuits by de Juana - Fashion Bilbao

Exquisuits by de Juana Maximum quality for your groom´s suits, lines of large trend, cloth with impact, specialize in the…

Exquisuits by de Juana
Gerardo - Fashion Bilbao

GERARDO Your men’s clothing store in Bilbao. GERARDO is an emblematic commercial establishment located in the heart of Bilbao, which…

FC Joyeros - Jewels Bilbao

Once upon a time,several thousands of years ago, there were some human beings who began to produce primitive weapons in…

FC Joyeros
Joyerías Eguzkilore - Jewels Bilbao

Eguzkilore The Eguzkilore business was created in 2007 by the Zuluaga jewelers, whose trajectory of more than 50 years in…

Joyerías Eguzkilore
MATIA Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Bilbao and her people evolve. Here, one breathes an air of pride that is the result of this eagerness to…

MATIA Jewelry
Suárez Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Suárez Jewelry Suárez is a family-owned company with a prestigious brand that is well-known in the luxury sector. They design,…

Suárez Jewelry
Martina de Zuricalday - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Martina de Zuricalday opened her first workshop in 1830 on Ronda Street in Old Town Bilbao. Almost two hundred years…

Martina de Zuricalday
Retromobile - Car Rental Bilbao
Car Rental

Retromobile First Comprehensive Classic Automobile service Centre in the Basque Country On the right bank of bilbao estuary, Retromobile in…

Ruiz de Ocenda - Flowers Bilbao

Ruiz de Ocenda is the result of a project that began in 1995 and has always been a constant evolution:…

Ruiz de Ocenda
The Artist - Bilbao Hotels Bilbao
Bilbao Hotels

The Artist Grand Hotel of Art An eccentricity? A whim? None of that. Being The Artist – Grand Hotel of…

The Artist
Hotel Carlton - Bilbao Hotels Bilbao
Bilbao Hotels

The Hotel Carlton is the most emblematic and luxurious establishment in Bilbao. Covering six floors, with 142 spacious rooms of…

Hotel Carlton
Lecars Vintage - Car Rental Bilbao
Car Rental

Lecars Vintage Experience the golden Age of motoring Lecars Vintage specializes in classic automobiles for weddings to complement a glamorous…

Lecars Vintage
Alicia Rueda Atelier - Bride and Groom Bilbao
Bride and Groom

A custom-made wedding dress is something so unique and personal that it truly only fits one woman. The creation and…

Alicia Rueda Atelier
OSK Sastre - Fashion Bilbao

Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was…

OSK Sastre
Palacio de Ubieta - Country estates Bilbao
Country estates

The Ubieta Palace is a neoclassic building from 1829, a clear example of the Basque palaces. It has been refurbished…

Palacio de Ubieta
Petit Komité - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Petit Komite is an intimate, discreet, and exclusive restaurant, somewhat hidden within what still remains of traditional bucolic Galdakao, a…

Petit Komité
Iruña Catering - Home Delivery & Take Away Bilbao
Home Delivery & Take Away

Generating positive emotions This is Iruña Catering´s mission: to generate postive emotions for their clients through every form of quality…

Iruña Catering
Etxelaia - Event Halls Bilbao
Event Halls

ETXELAIA A unique house in a surprising place Etxelaia is a new and exclusive offer of accommodation and events. To…