La Despensa del Ensanche


La Despensa del Ensanche

A place that will transport you to the past

Located in the heart of the city, La Despensa del Ensanche will transport you to that antique food pantry opened decades ago.

Those places where  your parents bought their food… but with the flavours from nowadays!!


In La Despensa del Ensanche you will find wines, handicraft beers, vegetables, ham, cheese, bread, coffee, cans and jars with quality products…

Ready-made sandwiches and take-away food

Try their ready-made sandwiches: ham, sausage, spicy chorizo, loin, tuna…

They also have amazing food to take away: croquettes, cod, paellas, beans, meatballs, “callos”…

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  • Dirección Ercilla 5
    48009 Bilbao