Taberna De los Mundos


Taberna De los Mundos

Now the world is within reach for everyone, distance is a thing of the past. You can now enjoy it all very close to home at the World Tavern (La Taberna de los Mundos). Here, they offer a journey of well-known flavors from all over along with the possibility to discover new delights that will surprise you, all created in a fun, approachable, and carefully-crafted way.

In May 1995, the Taberna de Los Mundos opened on Simón Bolivar Street and was the departure point for the journey through local flavors and delights and those from far away, all prepared in a warm and inviting atmosphere.  A year later they opened a new Taberna de Los Mundos on Lutxana Street where they renovated the menu and restaurant in July 2014.

The Taberna de Los Mundos’ menu stretches from elaborate daily plates to a delightful list of sandwiches and snacks that you can enjoy at the bar as well in the dining room. They also have weekly specials such as the sandwich of the week or the salad of the day.

They also have seasonal menus for those who are seeking something more serious.



  • Dirección #1 Lutxana Street