Bar El Globo


Bar El Globo is your pintxos and tapas perfect place in the center of Bilbao

Bar El Globo is a cozy restaurant, located in the center of the city and next to the Diputación Palace and the underground station Moyua-Diputación.

El Globo is a cheerful place where friends get together. There is always a wide variety of locals and people from all parts of the country, thanks to their great number of delicious pintxos.

Their speciality are the pintxos.

El Globo is famous for their pintxos-tapas, which have been awarded in various occasions and are known worldwide. You can try both hot and cold pintxos: crab au gratin, mushrooms with crunchy ham, cheese with paté and paprika, codfish au gratin, anchovy with egg and tártara sauce, black pudding with peanuts, foie gras, salmon, goat cheese with caramelised onion, tuna with Tudela onion, artichokes with ham, ham and cuttlefish croquettes and a lot more….


The restaurant has an exquisite menu with different options such as salads, sandwiches, tapas… perfect for a quick lunch.


They offer the possibility of ordering pintxos for company celebrations, birthday parties, meetings…


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  • Dirección Diputación, 8 Moyua
    48008 Bilbao