Iruña Catering


Generating positive emotions

This is Iruña Catering´s mission: to generate postive emotions for their clients through every form of quality cuisine.

Iruña Catering is the structural heart of the Grupo Iruña’s catering service and supports all of the creations that come along with catering parties and events.

Iruña Catering is versatile, adaptable to any need, and creates a unique experience.

Iruña Catering knows that details matter more than words and so they give form to every client’s vision.

They can create anything and everything: from the most simple to the most complex, from the classic to the progressive, from the tangible to the magical…

Whatever you want

From working breakfasts (coffee break, brunch, snack…) to exquisite dinners and also… private parties (birthdays, weddings, engagement announcements, births, goodbyes, theme parties, costume parties, “just because parties”….), or business engagements (formal and informal, work breakfasts, cocktail parties, anniversary parties…), big events….

Wherever you want

At home, at work…and also in Grupo Iruña’s locales, in gardens, theaters, claustros, cementaries, museums, trains, boats…

However you want

With an exclusive scene creation: awnings, decoration, attire, and also they help you enlist entertainment or presenters …orchestras, comedians, caricaturists, psychics, exotic dancers, singers, magicians…

And, above all, something very important: at the end of the party, they leave everything clean and organized.

  • Dirección Berastegui, 4º-6º izda