ENEKO WEP - Gastronomy Bilbao

ENEKO WEP Weddings, Events & Parties We give you three reasons why your wedding will be unforgettable. 1- The gastronomy…

Garena - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Garena New Culinary Traditions In the picturesque wooded hills of Bizkaia nestles Garena, a Basque “caserío” farmhouse, surrounded by the…

Aspaldiko - Basque & Traditional Cuisine Bilbao
Basque & Traditional Cuisine

Aspaldiko Restaurant The Aspaldiko restaurant follows a philosophy in which history and culture mix up with gastronomy, searching for a…

El Puertito - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

El Puertito – Oyster Bar the first oyster bar in Bilbao! Now celebrating their fifth anniversary, The Puertito – the…

El Puertito
Martina de Zuricalday - Cakes & Ice Cream Bilbao
Cakes & Ice Cream

Martina de Zuricalday opened her first workshop in 1830 on Ronda Street in Old Town Bilbao. Almost two hundred years…

Martina de Zuricalday
Petit Komité - Author Cuisine Bilbao
Author Cuisine

Petit Komite is an intimate, discreet, and exclusive restaurant, somewhat hidden within what still remains of traditional bucolic Galdakao, a…

Petit Komité
Iruña Catering - Home Delivery & Take Away Bilbao
Home Delivery & Take Away

Generating positive emotions This is Iruña Catering´s mission: to generate postive emotions for their clients through every form of quality…

Iruña Catering