Nalu Poké


Nalu Poké, your Poké restaurant in Bilbao.


We are very proud to be the first Poké Surf Bar in Bilbao and to be able to accommodate all sea lovers like you.

In our local you will find an oasis in which to disconnect from your routine. A site especially dedicated to lovers of water sports, mainly surfing.

In addition to tasting the best Poké and Açaí in Bilbao, in Nalu Poké you can see the main surfing championships live, enjoy some of the main magazines in the world of surfing, contemplate iconic photographs that this sport has left us.

Even attending talks by different players related to sports, ecology and nutrition.

Here you can see the Menu.


A light, tasty and complete dish, with a high nutritional value, which includes some “superfoods” such as seaweed, raw fish or seeds.


Healthy, light, fresh, fast and very tasty, cheaper than sushi and more complete than a salad. What are you waiting to try it?


Recipe originating in Hawaii with Japanese influence based on soy sauce, wasabi, sesame oil, tofu and fish such as salmon or tuna


It is composed of carbohydrates such as rice, protein such as fish or turkey, to finally combine with vegetables and fruits and your favorite sauce.


It consists of 100% fresh foods. Received every morning in our restaurant direct from the market until you reach your bowl.


Design the Poké to your liking with total freedom. Choose the base that you like, the protein, up to 5 toppings and your favorite sauce.


  • Dirección Licenciado Poza, 10,
    48011 Bilbao (Bizkaia)