Mina Restaurant


Mina Restaurant

Mina is a gastronomic restaurant located in the heart of Bilbao.

Placed in a pedestrian promenade line near the river, from the windows you can see The San Anton bridge and The Ribera market.

In order to provide the best dining experience we only welcome 25 guests per service. This fact allows us to pay special attention to every detail, the cadence, the service.

We offer our guests a place in one of our oval tables or on our “barra”, an oak Chef’s counter in front of the open kitchen for just eight guests, where you can enjoy the work of our team.

Our cuisine

We perform a cuisine that is a function of the market, the season and the flavor.

Our cuisine is closely connected to local and seasonal product for in this product flavor lies in its maximum expression and because we believe we must be committed to sustainability.

In the elaboration of one course we pursuit the ideal proportion in the combination of products to get an harmony.

We have chosen the Tasting Menu as our only way of conveying our culinary art, as it lets us offer dishes with harmonious proportions mixed to create a balanced combination: fresh dishes followed by other more unctuous; quick cooking follow by stews; naked products that prelude others more elaborated: flavors from this land, flavors from far away.


  • Dirección Muelle Marzana
    48003 Bilbao