Scotch & Soda - Fashion Bilbao

Scotch & Soda Bilbao Visit Scotch & Soda Bilbao in Ledesma Street 28. Scotch & Soda wants their clients to love…

Scotch & Soda
Henry Arroway - Fashion Bilbao

Henry Arroway Henry Arroway was born like a brand in 1995. Our clothes combine the latest tecnique fabrics as well…

Henry Arroway
B54 - Fashion Bilbao

B54 Exclusive, first-rate international fashion brands b54 is a women’s clothing stores firm. Their business is nourished by first-rate brands…

IKKS - Fashion Bilbao

IKKS French classic Style After more than 20 years in our country, IKKS opened their newest general store in June…

Alicia Rueda - Fashion Bilbao

Alicia Rueda Bride Atelier & Party dresses for guests in Bilbao Like in “The Time in Between”, Alicia Rueda grew…

Alicia Rueda
Gant Bilbao - Fashion Bilbao

GANT Opens its doors in the center of the city Gant Bilbao opens its doors in the center of the…

Gant Bilbao
La Suite - Fashion Bilbao

Romantic chic and feminine fashion Lasuite is one of the most famous multi-brand stores in Bilbao. It starts its path…

La Suite
Aparté - Fashion Bilbao

Concept Store «à la française» [aparté] is a Concept Store «à la française» which is created by Julie, a young…

ese O ese - Fashion Bilbao

Welcome to the casual lifestyle eseOese has arrived in Bilbao. This women’s fashion brand – from casual feminine collections to…

ese O ese
New Lemon - Fashion Bilbao

New lemon After year dedicated to the world of fashion, Myriam Diez and Elisabet Junquera have opened their own shop…

New Lemon
Styling - Fashion Bilbao

Your surf, skate and snow store After celebrating 25 years since they opened their first Styling store, this group will…

Boxcalf - Shoes Bilbao

International prestige brands Boxcalf began its activity in Las Arenas, Getxo. Consolidating it by opening three shops in Bilbao. In…

Mercules - Fashion Bilbao

Mercules General Store “Mercules General Store”, 120 m2 dedicated to Mercules Universe, where you can find both fashion accessories and…

GARCÍA - Fashion Bilbao

THE MOST ITALIAN DUTCH BRAND García was founded in 1977 by Maurizio and Isabel García in Urbania (Italy). Two years…

ämmä store - Fashion Bilbao

ämmä store In May of 83 my mother bought me a light yellow tracksuit. I liked the softness of the…

ämmä store
Nice Things - Fashion Bilbao

Paloma Santaolalla, from San Sebastián, and Miguel Lanna met each other at a fashion trade fair in Barcelona and their…

Nice Things
Exquisuits by de Juana - Fashion Bilbao

Exquisuits by de Juana Maximum quality for your groom´s suits, lines of large trend, cloth with impact, specialize in the…

Exquisuits by de Juana
Indi & Cold - Fashion Bilbao

International fashion brand  indi & cold is an international brand with a presence in the majority of European countries as…

Indi & Cold
Triana by c - Fashion Bilbao

Triana by c Triana by C is a women’s brand that was created by two sisters Berta and Cristina Triana.…

Triana by c
Ambali Bilbao - Fashion Bilbao

Ambali Bilbao A multi-brand store for women located in the centre of Bilbao In Ambali Bilbao shop you can find…

Ambali Bilbao
Minimil - Fashion Bilbao

Minimil is a Basque women’s fashion brand Minimil Bilbao Minimil Bilbao is located in Alameda de Recalde Street, number 25. Is…

Elisa Rivera - Fashion Bilbao

ELISA RIVERA is a womenswear brand born 30 years ago in Madrid. Elisa started selling the most prestigious luxury brands…

Elisa Rivera
Gerardo - Fashion Bilbao

GERARDO Your men’s clothing store in Bilbao. GERARDO is an emblematic commercial establishment located in the heart of Bilbao, which…

S K F K - Fashion Bilbao

S K F K Sustainable fashion S K F K is a Basque fashion brand, with an own identity and personality…

N32 - Fashion Bilbao

N32 Escape from the maelstrom, the rush, the self-serve. Regenerate your enjoyment of harmony in N32, a warm space, where…

Kalam - Fashion Bilbao

Kalam international prestige brands.

Chance - Fashion Bilbao

Chance has arrived in Bilbao with the intention of being your Cashmere shop. Cashmere is one of the most precious…

Muselina - Kids Bilbao

Since opening their doors in 1993, Muselina has been the reference point for children’s fashion in Bilbao. They are pioneers…

Regina for Kids - Kids Bilbao

Regina for kids Regina isn’t a conventional clothing store; it’s an idea that was born through more than twenty years…

Regina for Kids
Jardilin - Kids Bilbao

Jardilin – Little Garden is your children’s shoestore in Bilbao Jardilin children’s shoes with more than 50 years of experience…

Foxter Shoes - Shoes Bilbao

Foxter Shoes Quality and design shoes Foxter Shoes is the second generation of a family business with three shoe multi-brand…

Foxter Shoes
Customeus - Shoes Bilbao

Customeus Bilbao, created by 4 brothers from Bilbao, was born in June, 2016 with the intention of bringing to the…


From the very moment you enter MERIDIANOSHOES everything it’s harmony and aesthetic: the décor, lighting, music…and above all, the product on…

Urru-Bilbao - Shoes Bilbao

URRU-BILBAO For the true lovers of a good shoe After working in the shoe industry for a very long time,…

FC Joyeros - Jewels Bilbao

Once upon a time,several thousands of years ago, there were some human beings who began to produce primitive weapons in…

FC Joyeros
Pradera Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Pradera Jewelry In Pradera Jewelry the jewels and unique pieces are the essence of it. Clients can recreate, discover the…

Pradera Jewelry
Joyerías Eguzkilore - Jewels Bilbao

Eguzkilore The Eguzkilore business was created in 2007 by the Zuluaga jewelers, whose trajectory of more than 50 years in…

Joyerías Eguzkilore
Aristocrazy - Jewels Bilbao

The passion, dedication, and ambition to grow passed down from generation to generation in the Suárez family have resulted in…

MATIA Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Bilbao and her people evolve. Here, one breathes an air of pride that is the result of this eagerness to…

MATIA Jewelry
Suárez Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Suárez Jewelry Suárez is a family-owned company with a prestigious brand that is well-known in the luxury sector. They design,…

Suárez Jewelry
Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry - Jewels Bilbao

Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry Since 1995, Arbaiza Vilallonga has been here to serve customers through their mission of matching customers’ emotional…

Arbaiza Vilallonga Jewelry
Joyería Salazar - Jewels Bilbao

Salazar jewelry: tradition and innovation at the services of the clientele. Jewelers and watchmakers since 1931. With almost 90 years…

Joyería Salazar
Ellacuría Ópticos - Eyewear Bilbao

Ellacuria Optics combines two seemingly antagonistic characteristics that distinguish this shop from all the rest: tradition and innovation. With more…

Ellacuría Ópticos
Rica Basagoiti - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Rica Basagoiti Specialists in carpets since 1954 In Rica Basagoiti they are specialised in carpets since 1954, renewing everyday with…

Rica Basagoiti
Le Grenier - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Le Grenier For ten years in the heart of Bilbao you will find Le Grenier. We offer the concept “shop-studio”,…

Le Grenier
Sofás Cama Galea – decoración - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Sofás Cama Galea Decoración Sofás Cama Galea Decoración is a family business that has been working for 45 years in…

Sofás Cama Galea – decoración
Espacio Nuka - Fashion Bilbao

Espacio Nuka Nuka Space is designer Ana Taranco’s dream project. Taranco decided to convert a space into an “encounter zone”…

Espacio Nuka
Luz Bilbao - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Almost 50 years in existence make Luz Bilbao a reference point in the world of lighting. With their sphere growing…

Luz Bilbao
Something Special - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

If you are looking for something special, come to the city’s bohemian district, Bilbao La Vieja, and you will find…

Something Special
Maticas Decoration - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

In July 2012 Maticas Decoration – without a doubt one of the most beautiful shops in Bilbao – was born,…

Maticas Decoration
Isabel Madinabeitia - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Isabel Madinabeitia Antiquities is located in a central gallery in Bilbao, an old market from the 1930’s. In a contemporary…

Isabel Madinabeitia
Urbana Interior design - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

The Urbana Showroom At Urbana you will find the latest innovations in design from the world of interior decorating and…

Urbana Interior design
Rosita - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

After more than 20 years of experience doing home décor projects and special contracts, Rosita was born. A unique shop…

Bomarzo - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Our clients know what they want and we help them to ensure that all of their tastes and desires become…

Narata - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Narata Narata is a contemporary design space started in 2010 with the idea of creating a new vision from which…

Le Patio - Design & Decoration Bilbao
Design & Decoration

Le Patio A pioneer in the world of home décor, Le Patio’s Bilbao showroom is more than 300 square meters…

Le Patio
Ciclos Maestre - Sport Bilbao

Maestre Bikes Bicycle shop and cycle repair shop in Bilbao, Santander and Vitoria. “Now Maestre is so much more.” This…

Ciclos Maestre
García Motos - Sport Bilbao

We are crazy about motorcycles and the world that surrounds them. We are motorheads and we live for motorcycles. And…

García Motos
García Motos Clothing - Sport Bilbao

We are crazy about motorcycles and the world that surrounds them. We are motorheads and we live for motorcycles. And…

García Motos Clothing
Bilcab - Sport Bilbao

Bilcab Your horse riding store in Bilbao At Bilcab you will find everything for horse and horseman. The widest range…

Deportes Euro-Sport - Sport Bilbao

Euro-Sport is a business that is solidly supported by their clients’ continuing confidence in their services. In 2008, Euro-Sport celebrated…

Deportes Euro-Sport
Styling Surf-Skate-Snow - Sport Bilbao

After celebrating 25 years since they opened their first Styling store, this group will inaugurate one more store in the…

Styling Surf-Skate-Snow
Ruiz de Ocenda - Flowers Bilbao

Ruiz de Ocenda is the result of a project that began in 1995 and has always been a constant evolution:…

Ruiz de Ocenda
Mil Rosas - Flowers Bilbao

Since 1996 One Thousand Roses has brought the fascinating world of roses to their clients. Esther Sainz and her team’s…

Mil Rosas
OSK Sastre - Fashion Bilbao

Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was…

OSK Sastre
Sastrería Cardenal - Fashion Bilbao

Sastrería Cardenal Founded in 1894 and run by the same family during 4 generations, the Sastrería Cardenal occupies a very…

Sastrería Cardenal
Azul Marino viajes - Travel Bilbao

Azul Marino Viajes is a place where dreams come true: an agency in Bilbao which is ready to travel to…

Azul Marino viajes
Globartist - Diy, stationery & home Bilbao
Diy, stationery & home

Globartist – Balloons decoration for events Globartist creates dreams with balloons and makes decorations with great visual impact. They decorate…

Bilbao Express - Travel Bilbao

Experience Since 1986, Viajes Bilbao Express‘s mission is to attend to our clients’ needs. Every person on our staff has…

Bilbao Express
Viajes NUBA - Travel Bilbao

NUBA Trips Their essence: NUBA is a company which designs personalized and private trips, for companies and individuals, with 20…

Viajes NUBA
ATLANTIS Travel Agency - Travel Bilbao

ATLANTIS Travel Agency At ATLANTIS you’ll find more than just vacations! We offer organized trips, exclusive and personalized all over…

ATLANTIS Travel Agency
Fnac Bilbao - Electronics, Books & Music Bilbao
Electronics, Books & Music

Fnac Bilbao all the technological and cultural products Fnac is the first technical and cultural distributor in Europe, and is…

Fnac Bilbao
#Siguientedestino by Viajes Ecuador - Travel Bilbao

#Siguientedestino by Viajes Ecuador Specialized in Tailor-made trips, honeymoons and families among others, in addition to having Groups and incentives…

#Siguientedestino by Viajes Ecuador
Byblostours - Travel Bilbao

If you have traveled with us you already know us and if you have not yet had opportunity, we are…

Sala Moyua Brancas - Jewels Bilbao

Located in Bilbao, Sala Moyua Brancas opened in 1996 and has remained the only existing permanent Auction Room in the…

Sala Moyua Brancas