Nura Bilbao


Bilbao cooked like in Minorca

Traditional kitchen with modern touches

Ten years ago, 2 friends who studied cooking together at Escuela de Hostelería de Galdakao got together and chated about opening a restaurant. Since three years ago, that restaurant is a fact and its name is Nura Bilbao.

The Nura opened its doors in the coolest and most modern part of the city, in the famous St Dos de Mayo.

Chef and maître, originally from Minorca and Bilbao, prepare everyday delicious dishes like cod lasagne, puff pastry, meat quiche, vegetable cream with fish, special rice

A different menu for each day of the week

From tuesday to friday the restaurant offers a weekly menu. You can choose between 4 main dishes, 4 second dishes and desserts to choose from. Everything with bread, water or the house wine for just 12,60 €. You can take a look at the menu, which changes all tuesdays, here.

And during the weekend, you can choose among excellent options that renew each season and combine it from 19,50 € (for groups of 8 persons there is a special menu).

Book your table

You can book your table calling 944 36 09 86

And by email address:

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  • Dirección Dos de Mayo 1
    48003 Bilbao