De Santa Rosalia


De Santa Rosalia Bilbao

We would like to warmly welcome you to “De Santa Rosalía” Bar-Restaurant. Each and every one of the products we offer you is of the highest quality, reaching us directly from our farm in the municipality of Vizmalo (Burgos), called “Finca Santa Rosalía”.

We offer our clients quality and expertise, with polite and pleasant service delivered by our personnel, who are at your entire disposal in case of any problem or complaint.

Our kitchen only employs the best products and takes the greatest care in making all the dishes on the menu for you to enjoy.

Our farm Santa Rosalía located in the municipality of Vizmalo, province of Burgos, is a quiet and charming place where we have been breeding our animals and making our wine with the greatest care for years. Either red-legged partridge, or Wagyu cattle, controlling the life cycle of all the animals from beginning to end, using a special breeding and husbandry system, with strict requirements that guarantee both animal welfare and the quality and healthiness of the final product that reaches the consumer.

Due to its genetic characteristics, meat from the Wagyu breed is one of the most appreciated and valued in the world, both for its exquisite taste and tenderness, as well as its healthy properties for human consumption, being rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The flavour, aroma, tenderness and juiciness of this meat make it a healthy unique delicacy that leaves no one indifferent.

The red-legged partridge, being a wild animal, (and thus the culinary characteristics of commercial or industrially bred poultry such as chicken cannot compare with it), lay few eggs and only during the season, thus transmitting all the essential nutrients for life as well as a great flavour and low cholesterol and fat content, making them healthy exquisite and highly digestible products for human consumption.

The ecological wines we produce come from our own vineyards, surrounding the winery. Exclusively cultivated with ecological methods, giving indisputable quality to our wines, which have been acknowledged with numerous national and international awards. Our wines are characterised by their singular taste and natural aromas, as well as by the fact that they contain no chemical pollutants.


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