Pizzería Napoletana


Pizzería Napoletana

If you are heading to a football match at Estadio de San Mamés in central town of bilbao (Athletic Club home), it would be inexcusable to miss out on a pre-game visit to Pizzería Napoletana, run by great pizza-making, Mario and Totty, who have revolutionized the renowned Trattoria Napoletana into giving a new and typically spiritual appearance to Pizzería Napoletana, inspired by Napoli but rooted in the city.


You Can Always Count On Pizza

Freshly prepared pizzas onto your plate in a few minutes while you wandering around their selected italian products and beverage corner. It’s a casual takeaway spot, but every pizza is made with real care and passion in true authentic tradition locally-inspired.

All the traditional combos are there, yet for something a little different are a must try, like, Margherita, Marinara, Ortolana, Barbecue, Bacon and Mushroom, York and Mushroom, Napule, O’Mericano, Nero a Metà, Carbonara, Sicily…

And their claim to fame mezzalunas (half moon in Italian): Troisi, De Filippo, De Crescenzo, Totò, Pino Daniele, Sophia Loren.


  • Dirección Calle Pérez Galdós 23
    48010 Bilbao