Turronería Ivañez


Brother and sister Celina and Eladio Iváñez manage the Turroneria Iváñez located at 23 Correo Street, behind the Saint James Cathedral in the oldest part of Bilbao. (Turron is a typical Spanish nougat candy traditionally served and enjoyed at Christmas.)

As Celina and Eladio explain: “The Iváñez family are the oldest turroneros in Bilbao. Our business, Turroneria Iváñez, has been here in Bilbao for 152 years, in several different locations, since it was founded by our great-grandfather Miguel in 1860 in the vestibule to the building at 7 Bidebarrieta Street, hence the popular expression “the turron of the little vestibule,” as we are affectionately known in Bilbao.”

Celina and Eladio specialize in creating turron specific to the Bilbaino palate. Their limited production ensures that their turron is of the highest quality. The Ibanez turrones are the result of a year-long effort and their production is very complex. Click here to see production of the Jijona Turron, Alicante Turron, and the Traditional Yolk Turron.

In addition to turron, amongst all of their famous creations we find incredible marzipans, polvorones (light, crumbly shortbreads), sugared fruits, various candies, sugared almonds, pine nuts…

You can also order their products online.

  • Dirección Calle Correo, 23
    Casco Viejo
    48005 Bilbao