Café Iruña


1903… More than a century “with great taste.”

The Café Iruña, located in front of the popular Albia Gardens, was inaugurated on July 7th 1903 by the great developer, D. Severo Unzue Donamaria. The original design of the 300 square meters grabs your attention, all of it subdivided into different spaces where the quality of the tiles stands out as well as the originality of the décor which is Mudejar-inspired.  With polychrome ceilings and an abundant collection of painted murals, all recently restored.

Thanks to its unbelievable location, the breadth of their lounges, the variety of their “conscientious hospitality services” (in Severo Unzue’s own words), and above all, their constant dedication to creating adding a dynamic to the city’s socio-cultural life that is playful and festive. The Café Iruña is a cultural model for all Bilbainos and a must-see for all of the people who visit our city.

Open every day of the year, with breakfast service (for 2.60€), menu of the day (for 14.00€ on weekdays and 17.00€ on holidays, 10% I.V.A. included) and dinners (a la carte).  Guests will find a wide variety of pintxos, with the “serranito,” grilled Iberian bacon and ham sandwiches, and the popular “pintxo moruno” or kabobs made in the traditional fashion.

Without a doubt the Café’s greatest characteristic developed by the Cafes Unidos S.A.’s work, Café Iruña’s business manager, is the knowledge that each and every Bilbaíno feels that Café Iruna is their own—it is considered an indispensable part of the city’s civic pride—and is a mandatory stop for all of their foreign friends. And, amongst all the official characteristics, falls the Café’s denomination as a “Singular Monument”, of which it was the focus in 1980, and as the winner of the Special Prize of Best Café in Spain 2000, awarded by the prestigious “Café Crème Guide to the Cafes of Europe” edited in London under Roy Ackerman’s supervision.

  • At Café Iruña you can enjoy the following all year long:
  • Breakfasts
  • Pintxos
  • Hot pintxos: sandwiches and kebabs
  • Daily menu: 4 starters, meat or fish, desert + red wine 14.00€ (weekdays), 17.00€ (holidays), 10% IVA included.

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  • Dirección Berástegui 4, 48001 Bilbao