Bizkarra is a third-generation family business with the entire family participating in one activity: the bakery and patisserie. Their zeal for innovation has differentiated their path without abandoning their roots in tradition. One of their recipes that has evolved since 1957 has brought them the 2007 Award for Innovation in Basque Business and in 2015 they won the Basque Business Professional Trajectory Prize, both of which are awarded by the Basque Government.

Recovering the taste of good bread

Bizkarra’s goal is based on traditional creation, with sourdough and long fermentation periods which create the best flavors and maintains the best dough quality, both from a gastronomic and nutritional point of view.

At Bizkarra they understand bread as a culture and their goal is to highlight the natural flavor of each and every specialty. There are breads to go along with other dishes, with complimentary nutrients. There are those with more personality, ideal for being the gastronomic focus by themselves. And then there are breads with flavors from times past, that recreate tradition all on their own. Their catalog of breads is thus organized according to these characteristics.

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Enjoy authentic flavors

At Bizkarra, they have cultivated seasonal products and indigenous flavors. Traditional holidays, fruit harvests, old-time traditions…this fills up their annual calendar with orders for pastries and breads that have their own reputations. They encapsulate the typical and unique specialties from the Basque Country and Biscay in their bread baking traditions and pastry creations. In some cases, they have revived old flavors and forgotten habits, such as the Intxaursaltsa or the recuperation of the Pamitxa. In others, they have created new ideas for traditional holidays or innovative specialties such as their wide selection of cut chocolates where high-quality chocolate is fused with crystallized fruit, dried fruit, Himalayan pink salt or pepper….

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Haute Couture Cakes

Illusion and surprise have their own place in their selection of Haute Couture cakes, where they bring magical cakes to life. These cakes are specially designed to fit each celebration, whether it’s a wedding, communion, or some other special occasion, with themed designs as spectacular as the client desires, transforming the moment for the cake into a memorable experience for all of the guests.

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Guided Tours

Bizkarra opens its door to the public through guided tours, where guests can get to know the Business Manager Eduardo Bizkarra’s creations in person, as well as taste various selections. Tours are offered on Saturdays at 10:00 in the morning for small groups with reservations.

For reservations, please call 944568508 (from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 13:00) or at

  • Dirección La Cruz 8,
    48006 (Casco Viejo) Bilbao

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    Amorebieta, Arrigorriaga, Basauri, Bilbao (Txurdinaga-La Peña-Casco Viejo-Indautxu-Abando), Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), Durango, Erandio, Galdakao, Lemoa, Miraballes, Sondika, Usansolo.