Copper Deli


Copper Deli serves healthy, balanced fast food. You will find homemade purees, delicious salads, artisan sandwiches, desserts and pastries created with olive oil, brown sugar and whole-grain flour.

You can try everything at their New York-feeling locale in central Bilbao or enjoy it at home or work with their catering and take away service.

Start the day with one of their detox juices, delicious toasted break and the best specialized coffee. Thanks to laMAY Coffee, they have the very best beans from such regions as Ethiopia Yirgachefe, Guatemala’s Finca La Bella and Colombia’s La Bella.
At mid-day come around to try their original sandwiches with their sage, rye or 10-grain breads. All of the dough comes from the master baker Saturio de Lekeitio‘s wood oven. And inside? The very best natural ingredients: beets, arugula, smoked Keia salmon, northern bonito, or delicious pastrami.

And for later in the afternoon, this warm and inviting place offers fun wines, the best craft brewed beers and an appetizer selection accompanied by spicy salsas created with fresh chiles from all over the world.

Comida rápida, sana y equilibrada

  • Dirección Mazarredo 6
    48001 Bilbao
    Tel: 94 657 08 99

    Plaza del Museo 3
    48001 Bilbao
    Tel: 94 465 71 81