La Despensa del Etxanobe


La Despensa del Etxanobe, in the center of Bilbao

Discover the new gastronomic proposal of a legendary restaurant

In La Despensa del Etxanobe they offer great Traditional Basque Cuisine, with the best fresh and quality products.

To enjoy your meal, nothing better than a modern, comfortable and surprising space.

La Despensa del Etxanobe is located in a big and elegant space in the center of Bilbao, where the NY aesthethic is all over the place. You will enjoy a very personal type of cooking.

Fernando Canales and Mikel Población bring to the center of the city a whole lot of dishes they already made in the Etxanobe restaurant, a reference in Bilbao.Cod, hake, fish soup and their famous lasagne… with the best passion and excelence of La Despensa del Etxanobe.

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You can also give away menu experiences

La Despensa take away

The majority of the dishes of Despensa del Etxanobe are available to take away home or to the office.

If you sometime have an improvised dinner, or you would simply like to impress your guests, this option is really great.

When ordering your dishes, they will prepare them and have them ready fo the day you wish. A simple and joyful way of enjoying La Despensa del Etxanobe anywhere.

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Atelier Etxanobe

A few meters away from La Despensa del Etxanobe, we can find the Atelier Etxanobe. A small restaurant, with capacity for 20 persons, which results in a unique gastronomy experience.

After a 25 year adventure in Etxanobe, Fernando Canales y Mikel Población open Atelier Etxanobe, the perfect opportunity to express their creativity and passion for the kitchen.

Discover the Etxanobe Atelier

  • Dirección Juan Ajuriaguerra, 8
    48009 Bilbao.