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CODE BILBAO - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

CODE BILBAO Code Bilbao, your restaurant in the center of Bilbao. Code Bilbao is a place in the center of…

The Brown Bread Bag - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

‘CELEBRATE YOUR MORNING’ by THE BROWN BREAD BAG The Brown Bread Bag is the Hotel Hotel Miró‘s breakfas, which will sweeten…

The Brown Bread Bag
Café Iruña - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

1903… More than a century “with great taste.” The Café Iruña, located in front of the popular Albia Gardens, was…

Café Iruña
Fine Arts Museum Cafeteria - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

In 2000, due to the last renovation of the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao, the Museum opened a high level…

Fine Arts Museum Cafeteria
La Compañía del Ron - Tapas Bilbao

For breakfast in the morning: pintxos (tapas) and the bar’s famous vermouth. At night: is the temple of rum in…

La Compañía del Ron
Pastelería Urrestarazu - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

We are Urrestarazu A family business created in 1972 in a small workshop in Galdakano by José Miguel Urrestarazu, a…

Pastelería Urrestarazu
Martina de Zuricalday - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Martina de Zuricalday opened her first workshop in 1830 on Ronda Street in Old Town Bilbao. Almost two hundred years…

Martina de Zuricalday
Bizkarra - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Bizkarra is a third-generation family business with the entire family participating in one activity: the bakery and patisserie. Their zeal…

misschocole - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Misschocole It is more than a workshop in Bilbao Misschocole is a space full of creativity that opens its arms…

Espacio Nuka - Fashion Bilbao

Espacio Nuka Nuka Space is designer Ana Taranco’s dream project. Taranco decided to convert a space into an “encounter zone”…

Espacio Nuka
Ladolcevita - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Ladolcevita Artisan ice cream shop, sweets and italian gastronomy. Ladolcevita opened its first store in Sopela in April 2012. An…

Txarloska - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

Txarloska is the first 100% vegetable patisserie in Bilbao with handmade production. The Txarloska pastry shop, with a three-year history,…

Let’s Cereal - cafes & Bakery Bilbao
cafes & Bakery

LET’S CEREAL The paradise of cereals in the center of Bilbao! Come to Let’s Cereal and enjoy the craziest flavors…

Let’s Cereal