Bissap - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Bissap Breakfasts, Brunches, Meals, Snacks and Dinners, in the center of Bilbao. 5 ‘walk from the Guggenheim, opposite the Iberdrola…

ARVO COFFEE - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

ARVO COFFEE Breakfast, Brunch, Healthy food, specialty coffee Life’s Simple Pleasures to enjoy at ARVO. Only a stone’s throw from…

Sua San - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Healthy meals in front of the Guggenheim A unique lifestyle philosophy In the Sua San restaurant we want to share…

Sua San
The Brown Bread Bag - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

‘CELEBRATE YOUR MORNING’ by THE BROWN BREAD BAG The Brown Bread Bag is the Hotel Hotel Miró‘s breakfas, which will sweeten…

The Brown Bread Bag
Happy River - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Happy River Beers, Cocktails, Japanese food, Burgers, Tapas… Happy River is a bar that is located in the Muelle de…

Happy River
Copper Deli - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Copper Deli serves healthy, balanced fast food. You will find homemade purees, delicious salads, artisan sandwiches, desserts and pastries created…

Copper Deli
Morrocotuda - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Morrocotuda is the place to stop your watch and let the time go by, as if you were in a…