Bissap - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Bissap Breakfasts, Brunches, Meals, Snacks and Dinners, in the center of Bilbao. 5 ‘walk from the Guggenheim, opposite the Iberdrola…

ARVO COFFEE - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

ARVO COFFEE Breakfast, Brunch, Healthy food, specialty coffee Life’s Simple Pleasures to enjoy at ARVO. Only a stone’s throw from…

Sua San - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Healthy meals in front of the Guggenheim A unique lifestyle philosophy In the Sua San restaurant we want to share…

Sua San
Happy River - International Cuisine Bilbao
International Cuisine

Happy River Beers, Cocktails, Japanese food, Burgers, Tapas… Happy River is a bar that is located in the Muelle de…

Happy River
Copper Deli - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Copper Deli serves healthy, balanced fast food. You will find homemade purees, delicious salads, artisan sandwiches, desserts and pastries created…

Copper Deli
Morrocotuda - Urban Food Bilbao
Urban Food

Morrocotuda is the place to stop your watch and let the time go by, as if you were in a…