Cachito mío


Cachito Mío

Argentina’s savoury goodness.

Besides its world-class beef, Argentina’s most representative and tasty appetizers are the Argentinian empanadas, small baked “wrapped in bread” hand pies, a combo of savory filling and flaky crust, stuffed with mincebeef mixture, a variety of meats, vegetables, or even sweets.

Cachito Mío Authentic Argentinian Empanadas.

Cachito Mío‘s menu offers a variety of iconic empanadas filled with well-seasoned ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, from classic flavours, vegetarian, vegan, seafood & fish, not to miss out on those mouth-watering and unique NUTELLA & raspberry cheesecake fillings!

Get those delicious quality bites hand-to-mouth at Cachito Mío‘s or taken home or delivered right to your front door in no time on a lazy day!

  • Dirección Alameda Recalde 45
    48008 Bilbao