El Txoko de Gabi


If there is one charming place in Bilbao to have a delicious hors d’oevre, a perfectly pulled beer, or a well-served drink, it’s Txoko de Gabi. A small txoko in the surroundings of the Guggenheim, smack in the center of Bilbao.

Small in size but large in attention and personality, the Txoko de Gabi has become a reference point in hospitality Bilbaina.

Koldo, the owner, strives day in and day out to create a unique environment with complete confidence that no one feel uncomfortable or out of place but instead that everyone feels at home. Even though it’s small, Txoko de Gabi has an incredible atmosphere and is always full with warm camaraderie.

Their impressive pintxos and drink selection–their gin and tonics stand out–make the Txoko a Bilbao essential.

  • Dirección Henao, 9
    48009 Bilbao