Pasta and Pizza Grossi


Pasta and Pizza Grossi

More than 25 years ago, Fausto and Victoria decided to leave Italy and move to Bilbao to start a small Italian corner in this city that captured their hearts with its artistic atmosphere, vitality, vision for the future, and the wonderful Basque palate. It was the fall of 1992 and they arrived in the Vizcayan capital with their home in their arms, complete with their pasta machines.

From the very beginning, Fausto and Victoria, full of excitement, have worked to create a space where art and the culture of Italian cuisine go together; and so Spazio Grossi, and later Pasta Fresca Italiana Grossi, were born and ultimately became what we now know as Pasta e Pizza Grossi.

Nowadays their daughters Luz, Paz and Zoe run the family business

Their location at Manuel Allende #12 has become a reference point for pasta, pizza, and Italian products, and a place to encounter art while meeting with friends.


At their establishment you can find all kinds of Italian specialties as well as their homemade pasta and pizza.

The list goes from sauces, appetizers, cold cuts and rices, cheeses, to wine, liquors, refreshments, and Italian sweets.

What makes them so special and exclusive is that they make their pasta fresh each day—without using preservatives or artificial coloring—and always with first-rate, quality ingredients. And so their pasta not only preserves all of its alimentary value and dietary properties, but also maintains all of its flavor, and needs less time to cook and better absorbs the sauce it’s served in.

You can find anything from long, semolina and egg pastas, to an infinite number of small pastas made from bases such as spinach, mushrooms, beets, salmon, garlic and chili pepper…And just as they do in so many Italian establishments, they sell their pastas by weight.


Their pizzas also deserve a privileged mention.

They make square and round pizzas for take away. Their menu is comprised of more than 10 varieties amongst which you will find a pizza dedicated to San Mames and the Della Casa, “Of the House.” Without a doubt, these are their clients’ favorites.

In addition, each month they create a new pizza that corresponds to a region of Italy.

The secret to their success? Engaging each of the 5 senses: the texture—so that the dough is perfectly digestible; the colors—they always use fresh ingredients that are in perfect harmony with each other; the aromas—right out of the oven and straight to the heart; the sounds—crunches are always on point; and, of course, the flavors so that their pizzas are the “the palate’s pleasure.”

But this is not all…Beyond being a space for eating, it is combined with Spazio Grossi, a space reserved for art where each month you can enjoy a new exhibit.

On their Facebook, Instagram and on their webpage they offer ideas for preparing pasta, pizza recipes, information on Italian specialties and much, much more.

  • Dirección Manuel Allende 12,
    48010 Bilbao