Sushi Artist


A different concept in Japanese food:  Bilbao Sushi Artist has arrived!

On their menu you will find everything from the most traditional flavor in their makis, sushis and nigiris all the way to their own creations. Push yourself to enjoy the flavor of their Artist Roll, their Artist Pack trays, or their vegetarian offerings. And, it’s not just their sushi that is delicious, go  beyond the variety of main dishes and choose from their homemade desserts—the brownie and the exquisite nutella maki are two delicacies that stand out amongst the rest!

You will be converted into a sushi addict without even knowing it!

  • Dirección Licenciado Poza 48, Bilbao

    Alameda Mazarredo 65, Bilbao

    Correo 12. Bilbao (Casco Viejo)

    BM Elcano c/ Elcano 24. Bilbao

    C.C. Zubiarte - Bilbao

    C.C. Artea - Leioa

    C.C. Bidarte - Deusto (Bilbao)