La Revelía


La Revelía

Once upon a time in the lost woods of the Basque country…

In La Revelía, where silence reigns in a welcoming atmosphere

At first, Fernando González, the Chef and the owner, could not sleep in absolute silence hearing the slightest creak in the house (not to mention the wild boars and roe deers visits), yet, now he finds it mesmerizing, as he would be delighted to share his story with you.

Gonzalez had decided to leave the city of Bilbao, his flourishing culinary career, his friends and acquaintances, to begin a new adventure and a new lifestyle with his family in the woods, surrounded by nature, in an old country ranch-style house called Azkarraga in the Aldana neighborhood of Amorebieta, undergone a major renovation into a contemporary and minimalist architecture that blends in seamlessly with the surroundings. Its kitchen design integrates easily with the dining area, allowing diners to enjoy local and sustainable cuisine of traditional high-quality and new avant-garde gastronomy.


Plan a romantic and gastronomic getaway.

Sneak off with someone special on a romantic getaway overnight to the peace and tranquility of mountains, and enjoy the best gastronomy with exclusive service in a unique setting.

Take a stroll around the rural Azkarraga garden and experience the country’s extraordinary landscapes and scenery.

When you aren’t out exploring the wonders of the region, relax and cocoon in your spacious appointed La Suite room featuring warm shades of light hardwood offering a private terrace.

Rise and shine the following morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast before saying your goodbyes.

La Suite room with a terrace 80 Euros

Double room 60 Euros

Breakfast for two 25 Euros


  • Dirección Calle Aldana 29
    48340 Amorebieta