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British Council Bilbao - Courses & Workshops Bilbao
Courses & Workshops

BRITISH COUNCIL BILBAO The British Council was founded in 1934 as the UK’s international organisation specialising in education and cultural…

British Council Bilbao
Anakids - Courses & Workshops Bilbao
Courses & Workshops

ANAKIDS, Children’s Multilateral Development Academy Your CHILD’S SUCCESS WITH A PROVEN METHOD Children reliance on technological tools has caused many…

Institut Français - Courses & Workshops Bilbao
Courses & Workshops

Institut Français BILBAO C’EST LA RENTRÉE ! Ready to start a new challenge in 2022? IF is a cultural centre…

Institut Français
La Martina Pottery - art in stores Bilbao
art in stores

La Martina Pottery Café Bilbao’s first and only pottery painting café Why not pop into Martina Pottery painting café next…

La Martina Pottery
Al Dente - Delicatessen Bilbao

AL DENTE  Italian Gastronomy in Bilbao This gourmet space started in Bilbao 7 years ago in the Municipal de Labayru…

Al Dente
Bilbao School of English - Courses & Workshops Bilbao
Courses & Workshops

INTERACT AND LEARN ENGLISH Bilbao School of English opened in 1995 in the center of Bilbao. The team is formed…

Bilbao School of English