La Moderna


The delicatessen La Moderna celebrates 80 years in the Ensanche of Bilbao with Hermann Thate at its head.

The family is now the third generation of a German who came to Bilbao and they continue to offer -thanks to their wide and loyal clientele- sausages, cold cuts, and other German specialties.

Since 1932, they have handcrafted their products each imbued with personal and professional attention from the Moderna team, the Moderna’s signature.

In addition to the authentic German products at La Moderna, you can also experience their family restaurant Ein Prosit Bilbao on the Plaza del Ensanche.

Enjoy! Guten appetit!

  • Dirección Colón de Larreategui, 25
    48009 Bilbao

    Alameda de Urquijo, 42.
    48011 Bilbao