Bistro Salitre Bilbao


Bistro Salitre Bilbao

Bistro Salitre Bilbao offers an extensive menú of magnificent food and specialties to savour. Do not miss out!

The dishes at Bistro Salitre Bilbao will surprise you with their innovative récipe added to their creative cuisine with quality. between the traditional and the new fashioned, common dishes with the stater-of-art, with an asian touch of creativity without losing their essence.

tastefully decorated with beyond compare style in the heart of Bilbao run by three passionate, gifted chefs; Alexis Patrick, Baladi Goiburu and Aitor Calvete who arise from Michelin-starred kitchens such as Martin Berasategui and Eneko Atxa.


  • Dirección Henao 28
    48009 Bilbao