Welcome to the Wololow Universe

In Ercilla Street we can find this paradise of sweets.

A special and different place where you can buy candies, snacks, chocolate, sweets, ice creams, yogurt cream…

They also look after the tastes of adults, always seeking for the happiness of their clients.

Personalized presents for events and celebrations

In Wololow they look after all details, and for sure you can tell.

You can buy jars and boxes of sweets, candy, chocolate… These can be customized by the tastes of any person. Such is the customisation they offer that they even make caricatures of the couples or of the children that are going to celebrate their communion. Wololow also has the option of adding names or phrases in just a moment.

In addition, they also create candy bars for weddings, birthdays or company events… They can make true anything you can imagine. They can even make your own wedding bouquet with candy!

Wololow works in the Basque Country and they adapt to all kinds of budgets.

Products for food intolerants

The most famous products are the Yogurt Cream and the Coffee Cream without gluten, which are natural and are made with cane sugar. They also have jelly beans without lactose, dried fruits and nuts, egg and gluten.

Shortly, they will sell special beverages like Matcha Tea or Ginseng, with nutritious elements which are very healthy for the body. And for those who love coffee, they also have take away coffee.

A place to enjoy, have fun and be surprised. Follow their social network to and take part in all their contests.


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  • Dirección C/ Ercilla 29
    48011 Bilbao

    Alameda Mazarredo 4
    (Esquina Ledesma)
    48001 Bilbao