Unanue Bilbao


Unanue Bilbao

“We put ourselves in your shoe, in style!“

Discover the latest styles of brand name shoes & accessories for Men & women, at Bilbao´s best open-air street-side upscale shopping district, Indautxu.

Unanue footwear business was founded in Vitoria with a know-how based on family experience of shoemaking back in 1972 before began to set up its own footwear stores around the Basque country.

Unanue Bilbao offers every style for every significant life event or everyday wear, from leather shoes and boots, to athletic footwear and sneakers.

As well as brand names such as; Voile blanche, Jeannot, Nero Giardini, Apepazza, LIU:JO, Miuxa, W6YZ, Panama Jack, Diadora, Munich, Ecoalf, Roberto Ley, Timberland, Alma En Pena, Alpe, Andiafora, Callaham, Cetti, Hey-Dude, etc…


  • Dirección Alameda Gregorio de la Revilla, 20
    Bilbao 48009