Foxter Shoes


Foxter Shoes

Quality and design shoes

Foxter Shoes is the second generation of a family business with three shoe multi-brand stores in Bilbao y one in San Sebastián.

We have a very beautiful job and lifetime professional experience to create and pick the wide offer of products we sell.

We choose our collections based in the needs of our clients, who identify us mainly due to our image, quality and funtionality. In our stores everything has criterion and a meaning.

Our providers are in the majority worlwide prestigious brands, mainly national and european. We have worked with them since the beginning and have grown with them ever since. This is something we love, it gives us our own identity.

Our satisfaction is to see how our clients talk with us about their experience with our shoes with a big smile, and how they love wearing them.

There is a lot of work, effort and affection in every shoe that we sell.

A wide selection of brands

In Foxter Shoes they look after every detail. This is why they are always worried about bringing the best shoe brands to you, both national and international.

Albano, Angel Infantes, Apepazza, As 98, Audley, Dolomite, Flower Mountain, Homers, NeroGiardini, Pertini, Pons Quintana, Ras, Voile Blanche, United Nude.

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  • Dirección c/ Diputación 2,
    48009 Bilbao
    944 244 254

    c/ Maximo Aguirre 30,
    48011 Bilbao
    944 270 700

    c/ Victor 7,
    48005 Bilbao
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