Ambali Bilbao


Ambali Bilbao

A multi-brand store for women located in the centre of Bilbao

In Ambali Bilbao shop you can find national and international fashion brands. As well as every kind of accessories to complete your own look.

They have recognised brands as Anine Bing, La Petit Françoise, FIVEUNITS, 2nd One, Antik Batik, Twist & Tango, Mr Boho, Beatriz Furest.

 They focus on a woman who shares the interest in fashion and current tendencies, but has a unique style; who is not pressured by others or the latest trends.

In Ambali Bilbao they offer you a personalized advice, with the aim of making you happy and feel well with the product and attention.

The quality of the weave and the loving care which they put in everything makes their clothes different from others. You will find the pieces to improve your wardrobe and the perfect ones to impress in special occasions.

The soul of Ambali Bilbao

Ambali Bilbao is the dream of three sisters that has become true: Begoña, Pepa and Itziar Aurrekoetxea Jarén. With 30 years of experience in the fashion world. After years and years working hard, now they have their own shop where they show you the clothes they love.

Their knowledge let them interpret and adapt to the new tendencies, offer you the perfect advice and achieve your own style.

As they say: “We want that your experience in Ambali Bilbao goes a step further from just shopping. You know how we are: the taste in tiny details and to offer you a personalized attention, both of them are our own identifying marks”.

  • Persona Begoña, Pepa, Itziar
  • Dirección Maestro García Rivero Street, 6.
    48011 Bilbao