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NUBA Trips

Their essence:

NUBA is a company which designs personalized and private trips, for companies and individuals, with 20 years of experience. Their soul can be appreciated in each of the experiences they offer their clients, unique and customized.


Nuba breaks the schemes of the trips we know nowadays to create original and exclusive experiences for every client. Each trip is a white page for Nuba, which they adapt to your needs to design big adventures.

The designers

Expert consultants in the organisation of experiences for different profiles: families, fiancé trips, companies… Every traveller is different and special, so NUBA discovers your personal tastes and offers you the best option that will suit you.


NUBA works directly with the local people from other countries, creating their own products and designing new routes, different from all the ones in the rest of the market. Their “out of the normal circuit” routes is what makes Nuba the perfect option for the most demanding travellers.

Personalised atention

Nuba designs your trip following all your needs, it’s a personalised trip for every client. From the most wild dreams to more normal activities.


Nuba is specialised in offering hotels, restaurants, flights, activities… and the best quality experiences you can ever imagine. With special care in all details, Nuba is perfect for the most lucky ones.

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  • Persona María Lezama
  • Dirección Calle Las mercedes, 25.
    48930 Getxo - Bizkaia