Ruiz de Ocenda


Ruiz de Ocenda is the result of a project that began in 1995 and has always been a constant evolution: it’s more than a florist, it’s a space where flowers live in harmony with special perfumes and other beautiful details, where they offer their clients the best quality, newest ideas and latest trends.

Ruiz de Ocenda is a space to enjoy, where you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful, marvelous and unique things, and where you will find:

Natural flower bouquets made each day to take away at affordable prices.

A superb collection of seasonal artificial plants and flowers for creating displays and personal designs.

-Every type of job related to decorating with plants and flowers including made to order creations of every type related to flowers and décor, with both natural and artificial plants and flowers: bouquets, natural plant displays, décor for events and weddings, celebrations…weekly or periodic décor for the home, office, stores, restaurants, hotels…including Christmas decoration.

Weddings Ruiz de Ocenda creates bride’s bouquets that are unique and special, they will decorate your home, church, restaurant or any space you have selected for this special day. They offer every sort of accessory for hair, including jeweled designs perfect for the bride.

Finally, they will help you find a personal and special fragrance to accompany you on this special day. Come in for a consultation! (you can request one at 944 433 505)

Niche perfumes: different and exclusive perfumes designed with supreme care, natural and rare essences by incredible perfumeries, that are carried by very few shops and are difficult to find.

Perfume Bar: A bar where you can delight in the sense of smell, without hurry or compromise.

Handcrafted jewelry: romantic, chokers, barrettes, and various delicate earrings created by artisan jewelers. Perfect for those special occasions.

Organic cosmetics: luxury cosmetics, from such special and prestigious brands as Archangela.



  • Dirección 18 Heros Street
    48008 Bilbao