FC Joyeros


Once upon a time,several thousands of years ago, there were some human beings who began to produce primitive weapons in order to obtain their food; Later on, they learned how objects and materials from their surroundings could be transformed to help themselves improve their way of life,and started to use bones as tools for tanning animal fur, made first and genial sewing needles,and so on…

But nowadays, in the era of Technology, Robotics and AI, there still remains a somewhat romantic point in common that relates and connects us with those beings which conformed a part of our species collective memories:

These are the traces, often imperceptible, people leave behind in every object built, manufactured or transformed by hand:

We are not completely symetrical, not all of us are right or left handed, each one of us can see a different scale of colour shades…and as a result, our productions will be far from objective perfection.

That is why when we observe a handcrafted piece of jewellery, we can see a single and irreplaceable shape that sometimes is different to another one thanks merely to the human traces of the work done by the one who created it.As unique as a river bead necklace made six thousand years ago…

FC Joyeros tries to transfer this idea to its products, but not in the literal way of the primitive or antique , but in the sense one single and “traced” thing is destinated to a single and “one of a species” individual.

Due to this,we never deliver any pair of wedding bands equal to another…

The company was created in Bilbao, Spain , in 1.991, following a three generation jeweller tradition. Its activity was from the first day, clearly divided in two differerent fields:

-The custom jewellery, made by order, has great relationship with sculpture and other three dimension arts and crafts. As we like to think about it , is the haute couture of jewellery , beggining with a first sketch, many times inspired by the customer, after which a wax model is carved, then the building proccess is decided, and successively tried on until the piece is definitely finished.

-The works for retailers,based on the company collections, are maybe more conventional jewels, because they are made on the searching of a good relationship design-price-quality. We find it very much alike the fashion term prèt à porter.

Also from its first steps, FC Joyeros resolved not to put any limits to the works, trying to fill in the enormous gap that existed in jewellery productions focused on the young customer. As far as we are concerned, the jewellery customer ought not to have any age, not even an astronomic adquisitive means, but only some aesthetic values related to nobile materials…

As time has passed and after several moves , FC Joyeros has definitely (or not?) set up in 9 Iparraguirre st in Bilbao, into the Museum District, between The Bellas Artes and The Guggenheim.


  • Dirección Iparraguirre, 9 bis
    48009 Bilbao