OSK Sastre


Oskar López Ileaña started in tailoring when he was very, very small: his father and mother were tailors. It was a family tailorshop where he learned his trade, graduating to continue working as a tailor at the luxury firm Loewe at only 24 years old. It was there that he learned every type of repair as well as being in charge of the industrial measurement section that created a wide range of fine suits.

In 2001 his dreams became reality and he opened his own, independent shop. Ever since then he has dressed the most elegant gentlemen in Bilbao, always using the finest materials, carefully selected from around the world. “I have always thought that true luxury is found in artisanal tailoring, a dedication that reduces the smallest expression in very little time and which will always endure for the client with a different and distinguished sensibility.”

At 46 years old, Oskar has more than 20 years of professional experience, and belongs to the Spanish Tailors Club, a very select organization that only grants admission through recommendation and by unanimous acceptance by all of their members.

At his shop in central Bilbao, Oskar receives his clients with warm, personal treatment and a his own small “touch of rebellious” characteristics. Each visit is personalized according to the client’s tastes, age, position, etc. A suit for work is not the same as a suit for a groom. One size is not the same as another. Oskar assesses and counsels each client, creating a relationship of confidence, he explains the differences and advantages between artisanal tailoring and industrial sizing, and he calmly shows them high-quality cloth samples that he will transform with great care for each detail by hand into the suit that looks best.

“I don’t let anyone leave the shop if they are not completely satisfied with the result. A happy and well-dressed client is the best business card”

  • Dirección Telesforo Aranzadi 8, bajo.
    48008 Bilbao