Concept Store «à la française»

[aparté] is a Concept Store «à la française» which is created by Julie, a young woman originally from Biarritz who decided to cross the border to make her dream come true: créate her own fashion store, with a very personal philosophy. Since she was small, Julie has considered herself an enthusiast of fashion. “Fashion and I are a total story. My idea was to propose a selection of clothes and accesories, mixing new designers with other big well known brands and create a chic, relaxed and alternative ambience.

The store opens its doors in 2012, full of the best energy. Located in the antique part of the city, in this space you will discover exclusive, feminine and modern collections. Some of the brands you can find are the following: La Petite Française, Bonne Maison, LAB DIP Jeans, Minimum, Peppercorn, Wewood, Stepart, Bask in the Sun, Armistice, Schmoove Heroine, Vanessa Wu y Moses. In [aparté] you will discover from mens clothes to accesories like watches, jewellery, belts and socks.

“Since the beginning, I have tried to translate and communicate the store’s spirit thanks to social network (Facebook and Instagram) and I post daily content such as designs, ilustrations, styling, pictures of clients and friends, music… etc”. This way of communicating with her public motivated her to chase her main objective: That [aparté] would become an exclusive fashion reference in Bilbao. Nowadays, a lot of her followers live in other parts of the Basque Country and in other countries too. Thanks to this, [aparté] can now expand thanks to the Internet and their online shop.

Every year, Julie investigates and gets to know new brands and travels a lot, both to get inspired and to buy clothes in fashion fairs. This way, she finds very special designers which have beautiful stories behind.

It is now posible to navigate in their online shop and select from lots of brands.

“I really hope my concept of fashion, the philosophy of the store and all the excitement that I have put into this project will be of interest to all of you”.


  • Dirección Loteria Street, 2.
    48005 Bilbao.